Dr. Anderson's approach

Periodontal plastic surgery and disease treatment 

Predictable disease reduction and regeneration therapy can be achieved using the most conservative means as possible. Periodontal disease is treated by first looking at the medical health and then followed with an oral exam. Once a thorough diagnosis is achieved, many options exist that eliminate disease and can regenerate lost tissue.


3D bone scanning (Cone beam computed tomography, Sirona XG3D) 

Do you have sore tooth that your dentist cannot diagnose? Are you interested in implant dentistry, but want to make sure the implant is placed safely? 3D imaging allows us to see through the tooth and find problems that do not show up on 2 dimensional radiographs.(x-rays) This technology allows us to see important anatomy for dental implant planning and to discover pathology finding the source of disease.


Tooth replacement with dental implants (Struamann, Zimmer) 

When it comes to implants, we will develop a plan to "Keep It Simple." We help make the process straight forward by using the highest quality of materials and now offer a 10 year implant warranty! If required, we also offer a variety of grafting materials, modern techniques, and guide systems. These options have helped many who were told my their dentist that they did not have enough bone for implants.


Minimally invasive root coverage surgery 

Root coverage techniques (using gums to cover the exposed roots of teeth) have evolved over the years and now there are methods that don’t involve palatal tissue, eliminate visible incision lines, and use minimal suturing. After a thorough examination, Dr. Anderson will let you know if you are a good candidate for new healthy gums.


Sedation Dentistry 

Multiple levels of sedation are offered that allow the optimal comfort during treatment. Sedation dentistry eliminates anxiety, reduces the perceived time of the appointment, and provides amnesia so there is little if any memory of the procedure.