Patient Testimonials

The doctor and staff are courteous, polite and helpful. Also, the scheduled appointments are kept on time.


The hygienist was helpful by explaining what she was doing while cleaning. Overall, my experience was excellent.


Your office is always very professional and pleasant. I am very satisfied with my treatment.


My gums used to be sore and bleed for many years. Follwing the periodontal treatment, there has been no more bleeding or discomfort.


My 5/2/2011 cleaning was pain free. Thanks!


Dr. Anderson answered all my questions and the staff was also very informative.


Hello, I'm contacting to thank you for the kind words you mentioned about my teeth the last time I was in for a visit. I wanted to thank you and point out that mainly, I follow the treatment plan and make sure I am brushing, flossing, and rinsing as often as I can after I eat. I did want to share the importance of flossing and rinsing every time I brush as well, especially before bed. After we have started treatment, my teeth are looking much straighter, have actually shifted back into the spaces where they belong, and my gums are much healthier than when I started my visits. Thanks for all of your help, Todd


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